👋 Hey! I'm Andrey

I help SaaS companies grow by improving their user activation and retention rates. I don’t do it through “growth hacking” or A/B testing button colours. My over 10 years of experience in UX combined with a knack for data analytics helps me to find what stops people from using the product and remove that.

I spent the last 7 years leading UX at Shopify and saw firsthand the growth from 140 000 to 2 million active users. There, I learned a lot working on growth initiatives such as user onboarding and scaling App Store. 

Today, I offer my expertise to SaaS that understand sustainable growth comes not only from acquiring users but retaining them.

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Activation audit

This service aims to identify design flaws affecting your sign-up and activation. You’ll get professional advice on how to improve your user onboarding with simple and quick fixes.

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Activation uplift

This service aims to optimize your sign-up flow and make activation flow do what it is supposed to – activate users. I will use data to design a set of experiments to reduce drop-off and guide more users to find your product value sooner and become customers faster.

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Retention on retainer

This service offers you a team of one, me, whose only goal is to improve your user retention metrics. In the period of 3 months, I will analyze every phase of your user retention: signup, activation, engagement, and churn. I will give you a breakdown of your user journey pitfalls and work with your team to design and test solutions.

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If you don’t find a package that meets your needs or have questions, drop me a line at hi@retention.tips or book a free call.