Talk to 5 of your most and least engaged users

💡 To find out why some of your customers lose engagement while others can’t get enough of your product, talk to 5 of your most and least engaged users.

How to

  • Identify 5 of your most and 5 of your least engaged users.
  • Email them and ask for 30 minutes chat. You can incentivize them with your app credits or some form of cash.
  • First, you need to establish what was their motivation for using your product. Ask them about the time when they started using your product and what was their goal?
  • Then you need to find out if their current usage aligns with their initial motivation or how it has changed. Ask them when was the last time they used your product? What were they trying to accomplish, and why?
  • If you find their answers short and missing many details, ask them to walk you through the steps they took.
  • Focus on the differences in the answers between your most and least engaged customers.