Optimize your signup flow

💡 To improve your signup rate, start measuring your click-through rate at every step of your signup flow and identify where the biggest drop-off happens. Then you can try different tactics to reduce friction and improve CTR.

How to

  • Measure number of clicks, number of input fields, click-through rate (CTR) and drop-off rate (100%-CTR) at every step of the funnel.
  • Find which step has the highest drop-off rate.
  • Experiment with different tactics to reduce friction and improve click-through rate.


  • Don’t ask users for things you don’t need until you need them.
  • Give users clear directions of what you want them to do and why.
  • If your form is long, split it into multiple pages.
  • Whenever possible pre-populate fields with smart defaults.
  • Offer one-click third-party OAuth signup.
  • Add a progress bar to tell users where they are within the process.
  • Explain to users the benefits of providing the requested information.
  • Explain the benefits of signing up and address common objections.