Manually onboard new user

đź’ˇ For complex products or startups that do things that don’t scale, a demo call could be a better option than a free trial. It’s a lot easier to get your message across person-to-person vs. through the product. A demo is a great opportunity to discover your ideal user’s pain points or capture qualifying information, and it usually has higher conversion rates.

Pros of Demos

  • New users are more motivated, informed and will get more out of the trial
  • You can target decision-makers
  • You are getting important qualifying information and learning about users pain points
  • More effective conversion. For most B2B SaaS companies, demo close rates range between 20% and 50%.

Cons of Demos

  • Signup rates for demo are much lower than for free trial
  • Requires an investment in customer success team 

Self-serve + Demo

You can try combining Self-serve onboarding and Demo until you figure out what most of your customers prefer or continue to offer a healthy mix. Famously Asana gets 60% of customers self-serve, 40% go through demos.